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Re: parallel/pvm3 on NetBSD-current

On Sun, Jun 26, 2022 at 10:52:21PM +0200, Havard Eidnes wrote:
> I've not been able to keep up: where is the LDFLAGS for doing
> RELRO supposed to come from?

433:_RELRO_LDFLAGS=             -Wl,-zrelro -Wl,-znow
435:_RELRO_LDFLAGS=             -Wl,-zrelro

61:_RELRO_LDFLAGS=              -Wl,-zrelro -Wl,-znow
63:_RELRO_LDFLAGS=              -Wl,-zrelro

> I don't find "relro" in mk/ other
> than the check-relro file.  And it's not mentioned in the package
> Makefile either.

and the above works:
# make show-var VARNAME=LDFLAGS
  -Wl,-zrelro -Wl,-znow

> The build log says:
> /usr/pkgsrc/parallel/pvm3/work/.cwrapper/bin/libtool  --mode=link --tag=F77 gfortran  -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/pvm3/lib/NETBSDPOWERPC -O -fallow-argument-mismatch  -o fgexample ../../examples/gexample.f \
>          -L../../lib/NETBSDPOWERPC -lfpvm3 -lgpvm3 -lpvm3
> libtool-fortran: link: gfortran -Wl,-rpath -Wl,/usr/pkg/pvm3/lib/NETBSDPOWERPC -O -fallow-argument-mismatch -o .libs/fgexample ../../examples/gexample.f  -L../../lib/NETBSDPOWERPC -L../../lib/NETBSDPOWERPC/.libs -lfpvm3 -lgpvm3 -lpvm3 -Wl,-rpath,/usr/pkg/pvm3/lib/NETBSDPOWERPC
> Isn't that more or less "from the book"?  Despite this, we get

Well, the relro arguments from above are missing.

> => Checking for RELRO in pvm-3.4.6nb2
> ERROR: pvm3/bin/NETBSDPOWERPC/fgexample: missing RELRO
> So I don't get where that is supposed to come from.
> This is with gfortran from gcc10 from pkgsrc.  Is the relro
> option supposed to be on by default on this platform?  And it
> isn't?  That sounds like a longer-term project to deal with...

blas & lapack also use fortran and they work including relro, so yes,
it's supposed to work.

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