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Re: libreswan 4.7 for wip

> On Jun 15, 2022, at 9:07 AM, Andrew Cagney <> wrote:
> Also pkglint wanted the patch broken down into individual files.  Here
> the tweak was small so accommodating that requirement was easy but
> that isn't true in general.  What should happen when the change-set is
> more substantive?

This is fairly straightforward when you use the pkgtools/pkgdiff package.  The process is the following:

- copy any file you will patch to <filename>.orig in the same directory; i.e., make a new copy with the same name suffixed with .orig.  This may not be necessary if you are applying a pre-existing patch, which should create the corresponding .orig file.

- Edit the files as appropriate.  This gives you N pairs of files, e.g., <filename> and <filename>.orig.

- In the package directory, run “mkpatches”.  This will look for the pairs of files, diff them one by one, and construct a set of properly named patches in the patches subdirectory.

- Run “make mps” to regernate the distinfo file for all the patches.

If you need to update patches in the course of working on a package, either add new pairs of files or just edit the file as appropriate, rerun mkpatches, and make mps.

You can certainly apply a large monolithic patch initially to change everything at once, but mkpatches will correctly create individual pkgsrc patches easily for you.


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