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Re: libreswan 4.7 for wip

Andrew Cagney <> writes:

something to get the discussion started

> [2. text/x-patch; 0001-libreswan-add-libreswan-4.7.patch]...

- It's not actually in wip (did you just not push?).

- There is no COMMIT_MSG (for use when committing the cvs add).

- HOMEPAGE seems wrong.

- patch to mandir is not really about NetBSD so much as pkgsrc.  patch
  should have a patch comment, not pasted in git commit message, and if
  this is entirely adjusting to pkgsrc norms, an explanation that it
  doesn't belong upstream (in lieu of the otherwise required URL to
  upstream bug report or merge request).

Those are all minor comments of course.   Thanks for doing this; I had
lost track of *SWAN entirely.

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