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Re: py-cryptography soon will need rust

[off-topic soapboxing]

I just want to say how unamused I am by the classism inherent in
developers choosing to design build systems that require multiple
gigabytes of memory to use.

It's my belief that pkgsrc should be usable by _everyone_, whether
they have a smacked up "Banana Pi" they bought off AliExpress 5
years ago, or a 32-core AMD EYPC box.

This is why I will always stand by rust-bin - it makes pkgsrc
accessible to developers without much money for hardware, and
thus makes the community richer and more vibrant, and more
open to new contributors.

It's extremely important to me that pkgsrc remain usable on
machines with limited memory and address space, or insufficient
CPU power and cooling. This is why I imported rust-bin and

[/off-topic soapboxing]

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