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Re: lang/guile30 violates basic pkgsrc mechanisms to work around an ancient bug

Am Tue, Apr 12, 2022 at 12:20:34PM -0700 schrieb Greg A. Woods:
> So, clearly the target string must have three hyphen-separated parts,
> and none of them can be null strings!  Though it's not as clearly
> documented as one might like, this is how I would read the specification
> for the values of '--host' et al:

You can have three or four components. There are two reasons for using
four components: you are pissed off by an OS kernel being more popular
than the userland or because you want to distinguish between important
ABI variants. Guile is plainly wrong to insist on the four component
variant. It is also wrong to insist on a non-empty vendor field -
outside a few rare cases, it is useless and forcing a random junk value
creates a lot more harm. Please fix Guile and don't change the rest of
the universe to match this misguided mess.


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