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Re: PKGNAME/directory name case guidance

At Fri, 25 Mar 2022 10:51:13 -0500, "J. Lewis Muir" <> wrote:
Subject: Re: PKGNAME/directory name case guidance
> On 03/25, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> > Am Fri, Mar 25, 2022 at 10:51:41AM +0100 schrieb Thomas Klausner:
> > > I've been asked to rename the packages to lower case names (sigil,
> > > pageedit).
> >
> > I would prefer new packages to be consistently lower case, but I also
> > don't see any reason to introduce artifical pain by renaming existing
> > packages, both in terms of package name and directory. It just doesn't
> > add much value.
> I too would wish for all-lowercase names.  And while I agree that a
> rename introduces pain, I would say that it definitely has value: it
> would make the package names consistent within pkgsrc.

I have absolutely no problem with using capital letters in names
(filenames, package names, whatever) -- indeed I like them.

I do think excessive CaMeL-CaSe is harder to read (and type) though.

In my view _Unix_ tradition (especially ever since we left ASR-33's
behind, but even somewhat before that!) has been to judiciously use
capitalization and/or all-uppercase where it helps with attracting
attention (e.g. through sorting) or adding clarity.

This is of course more common for special files (README, Makefile, etc.)
rather than for program names or even directory names or usernames.

Package names are I feel in somewhat of a middle zone, though personally
I would rather respect the upstream's original capitalisation than to
modify them for any non-technical reason.

(Personally I also find systems that are not case-sensitive to be rather
backwards and antiquated.  Case preserving but ignoring systems are an

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