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Re: Updating lang/ocaml

On Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 02:50:53PM +0100, Jaap Boender wrote:
 > I'm working on updating lang/ocaml to version 4.14 (in alpha at the moment
 > - I'm working in wip so far), and with this update I'd like to change the
 > way that the package determines when to build its native compiler and other
 > stuff, in order to get rid of the cumbersome conditionals in
 > lang/ocaml/Makefile and mk/, or at least concentrate them in one
 > place.
 > My idea was to have one option (ocaml-native) that has a default value
 > determined by whether the architecture supports the native code compiler,
 > which is then interpreted by all the ocaml packages (through mk/
 > to build/use the native compiler or not.
 > [...]

I don't think there's any benefit to trying to use the options
framework for it, since it's not really an option but a property of
the compiler. (That is, there's little or no benefit to turning the
native compiler off if it's supported, and none at all to trying to
turn it on when it's not.)

What I would think the right approach is some conditionals in
mk/ to set a variable that's then used other places that need
to know. But that's what's there already, AFAICT, so I'm not sure what
else to suggest.

David A. Holland

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