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Updating lang/ocaml

Hi list,

I'm working on updating lang/ocaml to version 4.14 (in alpha at the moment - I'm working in wip so far), and with this update I'd like to change the way that the package determines when to build its native compiler and other stuff, in order to get rid of the cumbersome conditionals in lang/ocaml/Makefile and mk/, or at least concentrate them in one place.

My idea was to have one option (ocaml-native) that has a default value determined by whether the architecture supports the native code compiler, which is then interpreted by all the ocaml packages (through mk/ to build/use the native compiler or not.

My first interpretation of section 16.4 of the pkgsrc guide (dealing with was that this was the way to do it: in we could check if lang/ocaml had the ocaml-native option set, and act accordingly. But this doesn't seem to work, since if I try this out in I get the message that pkg-build-options can only be included in a file.

So I'm now thinking of just having an ocaml-native global option that gets checked by every ocaml package (and the compiler) separately. It's not completely fool-proof, since if you change that option you'd have to delete and rebuild all your ocaml packages, but it's doable.

I now have three questions for the collective wisdom of tech-pkg@ to consider:

- can this be done more elegantly?

- how can I set a default value for an option globally, rather than in one specific

- can I use the framework in mk files?

I'd be grateful for any advice.



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