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Re: wip/adguardhome, wip/packr - request for feedback and import to pkgsrc

On Thu, 4 Nov 2021, Bartek Krawczyk wrote:

One improvement I want to introduce to packr later is to generate
go.mod and go.sum only for packr/packr (that's what's only built
there, not the whole repo). Right
now I used the go.mod from top directory of the repo and that has all
the dependencies (and some unnecessary ones).

That's not a big deal in practice. I would just leave the go.mod and go.sum files that upstream gives. Everything else just makes it harder to update the package.

I tried to use for packr instead but I couldn't really
understand how to deal with import dependencies so I reverted to What would be the use case for is for GOPATH-style builds. It is on its way out. No new packages using it should be added, since GOPATH mode is becoming deprecated upstream. In addition, with, you would need to have separate packages for each dependency, plus their dependencies. In practice, this can mean tens or hundreds of low-value packages and a lot of toil.


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