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wip/adguardhome, wip/packr - request for feedback and import to pkgsrc

Hi all
I've finished packaging wip/adguardhome and wip/packr as a build dependency for it. Kindly have a look and provide feedback. I am fairly sure they can be imported to net/adguardhome and lang/packr respectively.

After importing, adguardhome requires following changes:
- adguardhome-0.106.3-frontend.tar.gz should be generated using "generate-frontend" target and placed in MASTER_LOCAL_SITES. As of now it is being hosted from my S3 bucket in AWS. Or you can download the existing one hosted there. SITES.adguardhome-0.106.3-frontend.tar.gz= should be removed afterwards.

- TOOL_DEPENDS+= packr>=2.8.1:../../wip/packr line should be changed to refer to ../../lang/packr instead once packr is moved there

I noticed you removed SHA-1 hashes from distinfo so I've also removed it from these packages.

Thomas and Benny - thank you for all your hints.


Bartek Krawczyk

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