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Re: rust testing

pin <> writes:

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> On Thursday, September 9th, 2021 at 3:24 PM, John Klos <> wrote:
>> ...whatever compiles for
>> 1.52.1nb4 also compiles for 1.54, and whatever fails for 1.52.1nb4 also
>> fails for 1.54.
> Thanks!
> Isn't this good enough reason to push 1.54?

Well, it's confirmation that it doesn't hurt on the platforms John
tested on.

My impression is that we have confirmation on a number of platforms that
things are ok (meaning no worse functionally) and a clue that they are
not ok on sparc64, and I think martin@ has said that pkgsrc rust is ok
there..  However sparc64 has fairly few rust users and I am not aware of
them testing from wip.

So I feel like we have almost arrived, perhaps actually arrived, at
ttime to push the update.   I am guessing most people think we've

If anyone doesn't think it's time to push the update, please drop a note
either here or just to me and he@ right away.

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