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Re: rust testing

yes, it is extremely helpful.

Good! Happy to test.

The two big questions are then:

 - Do these things uild with lang/rust as it is?

I've redone tests. For all instances except sparc64, whatever compiles for 1.52.1nb4 also compiles for 1.54, and whatever fails for 1.52.1nb4 also fails for 1.54.

sparc64 rust 1.54 fails both with and without "rust-llvm". I haven't yet tried compiling 1.52.1nb4 - that's running now.

 - Do you think that if we push wip/rust to lang/rust in a few days,
   can the problems be solved by about 9/20?

That's definitely a question for others. While I'm happy to test, I know nothing about rust build failures and what's involved in fixing things. I'm happy to test any potential fixes, though.


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