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Re: Rust and Q-branching

> I have successfully built wip/rust, and used that to build
> firefox (with up to date pkgsrc) on NetBSD 9-stable amd64, and
> firefox works.  So that's one thing to cross off the list of
> worries.

OK, that's good.

My build on NetBSD/i386 9.2 is still ongoing, but have now
arrived at building firefox itself, instead of updating clang,
llvm, nspr, nss, python3.8 and dependencies etc.

For now I have abandoned the NetBSD/i386 8.0 build of firefox as
"unbuildable, requires more serious assistance than I can provide".

> It would be great if someone with 9/aarch64 can try that.

Indeed.  I have a build of wip/rust going on an emulated
NetBSD/aarch64 9.0, but will (for rather obvious reasons) not
embark on trying ot build firefox on that virtual box.

I also have a "native" build of wip/rust going on yet another
emulated NetBSD/armv7 9.0_STABLE system.

For both of them, at least the bootstrap compiler works (no
errors so far).


- Håvard

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