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Re: QT 5.15.2, withdrawal of maintenance and the KDE fork

On 3/09/21 11:33 am, Greg Troxel wrote:
qgis is talking about whether to target the KDE fork of Qt 5.15.2, vs
stay with 5.15.2 proper.  It strikes me that many programs will use 5.15
for a long time, and that having an unmaintained 5.15.2 isn't a great

I would like to hear from pkgsrc/qt5 people what they think and what
they intend to do.

I think we should move to it. I have already cherry picked some patches from it to deal with specific issues I was striking but probably should go full swing. Not sure the best way to do it though, and its not at the top of my todo list.

As a data point ArchLinux has moved to it.


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