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Re: Bulk builds do not run on NetBSD 9.2


due to the PKGDB changes bulk builds do not run on a fresh NetBSD 9.2
chroot, instead failing with the error:

Compatibility pkgdb location exists, but PKG_DBDIR not specified. This may cause unexpected issues. To avoid problems, add PKG_DBDIR=/var/db/pkg to /etc/mk.conf.

I just downloaded a new daily NetBSD 9.2 iso image for amd64 (11-Aug-2021), did a clean install, then downloaded the latest pkgsrc.

I checked and saw that /var/db/pkg doesn't exist, which is good. Then I built something simple from pkgsrc with defaults (no /etc/mk.conf) and it works as expected.

Are you sure your chroots were clean? Or maybe I'm not understanding where your /var/db/pkg is coming from...


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