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Re: Bulk builds do not run on NetBSD 9.2

nia <> writes:

>> I am very fuzzy on this now, but I think this is basically that there is
>> automatic code to use the old location if it exists, and otherwise the
>> new location (location of record / correct location), and that use of
>> automatic mechanisms is not clearly robust against config changes.
> This is with an empty config file (i.e. the defaults).

yes, and I think the defautl PKG_DBDIR is /usr/pkg/pkgdb.

>> It still seems needed to me.   My view is more or less (and I think this
>> is all #if NetBSD):
>>   - a system with /var/db/pkg that is not explicitly configured to use
>>     it (mk.conf and pkg_install.conf both) is misconfigured
> This means NetBSD is misconfigured by default :/

No argument from me.

>>   - packages built on a system configured with /var/db/pkg should not be
>>     distributed
> All of the current packages are built on systems configured with
> /var/db/pkg

I think that leads to people with their db in /usr/pkg/pkgdb using pkgin
from these builds having split brain pkgdb.

Maybe it's time to just say that the migration period is over and
/var/db/pkg is no longer supported and that people with those setups
need to migrate.

(It has turned out that the pkgdb change had far more and far more
difficult consequences than anticipated, but we are where we are.)

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