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Re: Failure message when inconsistent X11_TYPE

Greg Troxel wrote:
> I'm not really a fan, but I can't really argue against this.
Even if I want to find a way to prevent the inconsistent case where a package depending on X11 is built with X11_TYPE set to native but xbase set is not installed, I am not satisfied by the idea of adding a PKG_FAIL_REASON for each tool that could fail in an anecdotal case... I have the feeling that it comes to clutter the code of pkgsrc.

But maybe pkglint could detect this special case and notify the developer. Rolland, do you thing it could be relevant if pkglint prints the message below in case where a  package uses tools requiring X11 in their native mode (e.g. iceauth, mkfontdir, mkfontscale...) but xbase set is not installed?

> I'd adjust the wording to:
>   X11_TYPE=native but xbase set is not installed.  Either set X11_TYPE to modular or install xbase."
> because "native x11 distribution cannot be used" is hard to follow if
> you don't even know this exists, and with X11_TYPE at least you can grep
> for it.
Thank you for this wording adjustment.

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