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Re: lang/ocaml generated PLIST

* On 2021-06-13 at 08:09 BST, nia wrote:

It seems to me that the OCaml PLIST contains too many target-specific
entries, and complex conditionals such as these:

Should lang/ocaml be switched to a generated PLIST?

The problem is that historically the PLIST check has done its job very well for this package and indicated parts of the build that have been broken by an update, which would have been completely missed with a dynamic PLIST.

I never like leaving our users to discover our bugs at runtime, so would prefer to retain the static PLIST.

It's likely that a lot of it can be cleaned up though. For example, do we really need to list all of the OPSYS that support ocaml-nat or ocaml-stub? Would seem to me that it would be far simpler to list those that don't, if any.

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