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Re: mozjs78 is required by polkit and forces clang/llvm

Martin Husemann <> writes:

> So .. with the branch upcoming, can this be fixed somehow?
> Ideally: make mozjs buildable w/o clang/llvm (but that sounds non-trivial).
> If consolekit can not easily adhere to "-polkit", maybe remove
> powermanager from meta/xfce4?

I'm fine with that as a default plan.   It's really difficult to tile at
upstream windmills, but if we can separate the stuff that matters to
most from the stuff that requires resources that are unreasoable
compared to intrinsic complexity, that seems like a good middle ground.

So lets say if we don't hear from $MAINTAINER by June 15 0Z, and we
don't get better ideas, we'll jjust comment out powermanager in the

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