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mozjs78 is required by polkit and forces clang/llvm

Hi folks,

I have a build timing issue with pkgsrc-current:

 - anything requiring polkit on netbsd-current will force a local build
   of clang/llvm from pkgsrc
 - this takes several days (!!) on the only aarch64 box I can use for
   pkgbuilds right now (I need to fix that, but don't have time to
   do the "local" fix required right now nor the money to throw some
   real beefy hardware at it)

Besides the "polkit should die" rant (deleted) there is no good excuse for
forcing clang/llvm here (AFAIU), and of course no toolchain component should
take days to build on semi reasonable modern hardware (rant deleted).

But what can we do practically to improve the situation? This is not about
poor sparc64 machines that noone besides me uses for building things like


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