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Re: Allow 'native' option to mk/ to use the system's MPI implementation

"Dr. Thomas Orgis" <> writes:

> Examples for differing MPI and toolchain choices on our system:
> PGI compiler with shipped MPI …
> $ module switch env env/pgi-19.7_openmpi-3.1.3
> $ mpicc -O -o hello.pgi hello.c
> … Intel MPI …
> $ module switch env env/cuda-9.0.176_intel-17.0.5_impi
> $ mpicc -O -o hello.c 
> … GCC, OpenMPI …
> $ module switch env env/2020Q3-gcc-openmpi
> $ mpicc -O -o hello.ompi hello.c 
> I hope you notice a pattern here;-) There are specific wrappers for
> some implementations and sometimes custom environment variables to
> choose the actual compiler, but the idea is that this just wraps over
> $CC with some custom linker flags. This is a long-established standard.

Thanks.  I am surprised that this is so uniform, and there is no need
for ${MPI_CFLAGS}, ${MPI_LDFALGS} and so on.   That's really what I was
getting at, in terms of treating each possible implementation as at last
a pseudo-package.  But if that's truly not necessary, I can see your
point that it's just extra work.   If that changes, we'll have to do it
later and your change is minor enough.  So it seems ok to me.

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