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Re: Allow 'native' option to mk/ to use the system's MPI implementation

"Dr. Thomas Orgis" <> writes:

> The reason not to mangle this into builtin logic for openmpi or mpich
> is that our external MPI does not necessarily correspond to either of
> those. The standard interface to link to MPI is to call the compiler
> wrappers that are available without any further work on the side of
> pkgsrc.

It makes sense to merge in support somehow.

I also don't follow the no "builtin" logic, if you end up using something
from base that could have been from pkgsrc.   Rather than rejecting
builtin, it seems that the problem is perhaps instead that the way
variables are set by bl3 and then used by depending packages is not rich
enough to capture the different ways one is supposed to build.

Is your external MPI something that could be packaged, and then have a
builtin for it?

Perhaps examples of how programs that use mpi invoke builds with your
builtin version, vs a pkgsrc version, would help in understanding.

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