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Re: macOS/arm64 patches

> yeah, the netbsd 32-bit arm builds are done with LIBSRVG_TYPE=c
And pango doesn't complain that harfbuzz needs graphite2?
Is graphite pulled in some other way?

> these patches worry me
Which in particular?

> i don't think pkgsrc should be defaulting to -msse2 on 32-bit x86.
That's what it did before, unconditionally.
Are there any 32-bit Intel Macs out there? Is pkgsrc supposed to support them?

> USE_LANGUAGES=	c++11 is typically only needed if upstream assumes that
> the compiler defaults to that version and doesn't pass a -std= flag in
> the default compiler flags
That's obviously the case here. I was getting compiler errors about C++11 
features being used.

> you need to set GCC_REQD too
It's a bug in pkgsrc that packages need to declare the minimum GCC version 
when could deduce that from USE_LANGUAGES. Why only GCC and not 
Clang or PCC or whatever?
I wrote a patch to do that automatically (for GCC) ages ago.

> and not include c++ in USE_LANGUAGES.

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