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Re: macOS/arm64 patches (was: the 2020Q4 freeze is over!)

On Fri, Jan 01, 2021 at 03:22:57PM +0100, Edgar Fu? wrote:
> Here's my current diff to make more things work on arm64 macOS:
> I'm not sure the fix for the pango/harfbuzz/graphite2 mess is correct, though.
> Has anyone done a bulk build with LIBSRVG_TYPE=c?

yeah, the netbsd 32-bit arm builds are done with LIBSRVG_TYPE=c (because
there is not typically enough address space for a self-hosting rust
compiler, and there is no armv6-and-earlier support to begin with).
it's tested and works.

these patches worry me, besides the obvious "add darwin/arm64 to
configure scripts". i don't think pkgsrc should be defaulting to -msse2
on 32-bit x86.

USE_LANGUAGES=	c++11 is typically only needed if upstream assumes that
the compiler defaults to that version and doesn't pass a -std= flag in
the default compiler flags, i.e. it's to work around arguably, bugs.
you need to set GCC_REQD too, and not include c++ in USE_LANGUAGES.

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