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Re: Intent to remove: wm/quartz-wm

Benny Siegert <> writes:
> In, someone tried to build quartz-wm on
> Apple Silicon and found out it doesn't work. Upstream has been dead
> for several years, and they state:  "The functionality
> provided by this binary has been merged into libXplugin on newer
> versions of OS X." (This was in 2015!)
> Thus, it no longer seems useful to have a quartz-wm package. Does
> anyone object? I would like to remove it some time after the branch.

I use quartz-wm all the time with modular-xorg-xquartz.  If there is
something else I can use from pkgsrc, I'd be interested in learning how
to set that up.

Just fyi, in pkg/etc/mk.conf, on a recent imac, (not M1) I've been using
 X11_TYPE=               modular
to get everything to compile, but I'm not sure if it still required.

modular-xorg-xquartz-1.17.2nb6 X11 server for Mac OS X
quartz-wm-1.3.1nb1  Aqua Window Manager for the X Window System on OS X


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