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Re: pkgdb

My experience with the change of PKGDB_DIR has been essentially seamless.

I waited for the pull-ups of the pkg_install tools to netbsd-9 before
doing anything.  I followed the manual steps shown by "pkg_info" and
moved the directories.  I then waited until the pkgsrc freeze before
the next quarterly branch was due to come along and updated my pkgsrc
tree to HEAD.  (Not frozen as of this writing, but close enough to get
my slower machines working on updating.)

The issue of absolute paths to "/var/db/pkg/..." in files under
"pkgdb.refcount" had me concerned.  On one platform a quick 3-liner shell
program changed all those references to point to the new location.  On
other platforms I did nothing (not even "/var/db/pkg" as a symlink to the
new location).  I have so far had no problems in either case...

Except for one hitch where 'pkg_add' is claiming that "py27-cairo-1.18.2"
conflicts with "py38-cairo-1.20".  I've sidestepped the issue for now by
recursively deleting the single leaf package that uses "py27-cairo" in
my setup ("net/zenmap").

I suppose the issue is more complicated where one cannot simply update
things at will and are locked into older releases for the time being.

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