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Re: pkgdb

Kamil Rytarowski <> writes:

> On 17.12.2020 17:01, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> I object to a move to bootstrap on NetBSD.
> Rationale (other than habits)?

I am going to defer dealing with this until after the branch.  It's
obviously controversial, is enough to say for now.

I ask everyone to table this discussion until the branch is done.

That said, I will only make meta comments:

>> Separately from that, it's out of the question to make such a change
>> quickly, so while there can be debate over what to do eventually, it
>> can't be part of what we do in the coming days.
> We quickly broke all NetBSD setups - I had to reinstall everything.

That's a statement about the past, not what our norms are for the future.

> Forcing bootstrap breaks nothing, only new users are asked to run one
> extra command upfront of setting up pkgsrc (+ using bmake).

It was believed that the pkgdb change wouldn't be troublesome, and that
turned out not to be true.  I reject as unfounded a glib assertion that
something big can happen with no trouble.  Any change requires a real
plan for all the different situations and cases, includuing migration
for existing users.

Most importantly, longstanding practice and somewhat more recent
explicit policy in pkgsrc is that we don't make changes that might cause
trouble right before the branch.  So -- without any bearing on what
might be discussed and decided after the freeze -- I am saying, with PMC
hat on, that changing to bootstrap only is completely out of the
question at this time in the branch cycle.

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