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On 20.10.2020 23:32, Juraj Lutter wrote:

some of you may know that sets PGSQL_VERSION
but I did not find something similar for MySQL in

Here is a small patch that sets it:

If there are no serious objections, it can be committed.

The patch is missing the documentation for that variable.  The
documentation should describe the variable and demonstrate the format of
the version number by giving an example value.

That variable should also be added to _SYS_VARS.mysql in line 32, so
that "bmake show-all-mysql" shows it.  Unfortunately, the list of
pkglint warnings for that file is quite long, but the last warning is
the interesting one:

pkglint ../../mk/
WARN: ../../mk/ Variable MYSQL_VERSION is
defined but not mentioned in the _VARGROUPS section.

The documentation in the header of mk/ is not a good
copy-and-paste template since it only repeats the information from the
_VARGROUPS section, without giving any helpful additional information.
The documentation for mk/ doesn't have to be as
detailed as in mk/, but a little more than in
mk/ would be good.


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