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Re: www/firefox and builds with modern gcc


Martin Husemann <> writes:

> Hey folks,
> I noticed this lengthy comment in www/firefox/
> # firefox needs a compiler that supports gnu++14 and gnu++17.
> # However, passing --std=gnu++17 (from wrappers, as a result of
> # USE_LANGUAGES), results in problems for some Rust modules (as of
> # 74.0).  Therefore, do not declare the languages that are actually
> # needed.
> # \todo In pkgsrc infrastructure, separate the concept of needing a
> # compiler that can implement a standard, and the concept of forcibly
> # adding a --std flag.  (The build system of a package should be
> # setting the --std flag that is needed, rather than relying on the
> # defaults of a particular compiler version.)
> # NB: Even when building firefox with PKGSRC_COMPILER=gcc, the package
> # will depend on and use clang, doing so outside the normal compiler
> # selection framework.
> I am in the unfortunate situation that clang does not work for my target
> (due to internal bugs triggered by the firefox code, already reported
> upstream). Rust and llvm work, it is only clang that breaks.
> With gcc 9 mostly there for NetBSD-current, it would be a great alternative
> (and I could maybe find different internal errors :-})
> Any chance on not forcing clang on www/firefox builds?

The problem is not in GCC version or standard support.

pkgtools/cwrappers creates clang and clang++ symlinks in .cwrappers/bin
to cc-wrapeer and c++-wrapper respectively.
And c++-wrapper and c++-wrapper invoke gcc and g++.

Firefox requires both of GCC/clang and clang.
However pkgsrc provides GCC as clang.
This situation is problematic.

Anyway working clang/clang++ is required to build Firefox.

> Martin

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