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www/firefox and builds with modern gcc

Hey folks,

I noticed this lengthy comment in www/firefox/

# firefox needs a compiler that supports gnu++14 and gnu++17.
# However, passing --std=gnu++17 (from wrappers, as a result of
# USE_LANGUAGES), results in problems for some Rust modules (as of
# 74.0).  Therefore, do not declare the languages that are actually
# needed.
# \todo In pkgsrc infrastructure, separate the concept of needing a
# compiler that can implement a standard, and the concept of forcibly
# adding a --std flag.  (The build system of a package should be
# setting the --std flag that is needed, rather than relying on the
# defaults of a particular compiler version.)
# NB: Even when building firefox with PKGSRC_COMPILER=gcc, the package
# will depend on and use clang, doing so outside the normal compiler
# selection framework.

I am in the unfortunate situation that clang does not work for my target
(due to internal bugs triggered by the firefox code, already reported
upstream). Rust and llvm work, it is only clang that breaks.

With gcc 9 mostly there for NetBSD-current, it would be a great alternative
(and I could maybe find different internal errors :-})

Any chance on not forcing clang on www/firefox builds?


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