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Re: rust problems on the branch: NetBSD 9/i386 is troubled

On Tue, 01 Sep 2020 08:11:40 -0400
Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> I thought we were building our own bootstrap?  I am talking about i386,
> and there is no rust-bin for that, so I assumed upstream did not build
> them.

There's no fundamental reason why i386 should be treated differently
from amd64 (or NetBSD from SunOS, or Linux). This is how we end up
with random library breakage like this. We need to move away from the
ad-hoc nature of how this currently works. I would like the bootstrap
process to be:

- documented
- built from pkgsrc sources, with pkgsrc patches
- reproducable
- automated
- testable
- as statically linked needed to get rid of compat80
  this could be togglable with a "static" PKG_OPTION
- the same for all pkgsrc platforms
- the same for all architectures

Obviously this won't happen in time for the freeze so someone will have
to manually mend the i386 breakage for now.

I think it's not that much work to set something up on Gitlab CI that
can build and publish for all our currently supported platforms. I will
try it out during the freeze.


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