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Re: Fix www/ocaml-cohttp build errors

Yuji Yamano <> writes:

> I think 3 packages, devel/ocaml-bos, devel/ocaml-duff and devel/ocaml-git
> depend on the packages that I changed.

Thanks - given that, please do ahead and commit during freeze.  Even if
all 3 break, we can cope.

> devel/ocaml-bos and devel/ocaml-duff build with the change. devel/ocaml-git 
> doesn't. But anyway it doesn't build and depends on www/ocaml-cohttp.
> I need to fix www/ocaml-cohttp first. See
> devel/ocaml-git ocaml-git-2.0.0nb1            indirect-failed

OK - you can do a pullup after, or just commit if you can fix it in

It would be nice to revisit the big picture here post branch.

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