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Re: Fix www/ocaml-cohttp build errors

On Sat, 27 Jun 2020 09:07:10 -0400, Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> By explain, I meant that it seems there is some build failure (in which
> package?), but why, and as you say, what are the rules?    I don't know
> what these options do, why they are options, what the right default
> choice is for users.  I also don't understand why, if the option is
> disabled and something important breaks, why it's even an option.   Or,
> the depending package should check the option and set BROKEN.

The last chang of www/ocaml-cohttp enabled all options by default. 
It requires changing net/ocaml-conduit and devel/ocaml-logs to enable 
some options.

Enable all options by default, at least devel/ocaml-git requires lwt support. 
Bump revision.

+ PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS=	async lwt js_of_ocaml

> Really doing that in the large scale is too much for the branch (but a
> great thing to revisit immediately after), so the question is how many
> packages (directly and transitively) depend on the ones to be changed,
> and what the impact of those options are.

I think 3 packages, devel/ocaml-bos, devel/ocaml-duff and devel/ocaml-git
depend on the packages that I changed.

yyamano@billy% grep -R ocaml-conduit/ .
./www/ocaml-cohttp/Makefile:.include "../../net/ocaml-conduit/"
yyamano@billy% grep -R ocaml-logs/ .
./devel/ocaml-bos/Makefile:.include "../../devel/ocaml-logs/"
./devel/ocaml-duff/Makefile:.include "../../devel/ocaml-logs/"
./devel/ocaml-git/Makefile:.include "../../devel/ocaml-logs/"
./net/ocaml-conduit/Makefile:.include "../../devel/ocaml-logs/"
yyamano@billy% grep -R ocaml-bos/ .
./devel/ocaml-duff/Makefile:.include "../../devel/ocaml-bos/"
yyamano@billy% grep -R ocaml-duff/ .
./devel/ocaml-git/Makefile:.include "../../devel/ocaml-duff/"
yyamano@billy% grep -R ocaml-git/ .

> It's also useful to report if all those depending packages, not just the
> one being fixed, still build with the change.

devel/ocaml-bos and devel/ocaml-duff build with the change. devel/ocaml-git 
doesn't. But anyway it doesn't build and depends on www/ocaml-cohttp.
I need to fix www/ocaml-cohttp first. See

devel/ocaml-git ocaml-git-2.0.0nb1            indirect-failed

-- Yuji

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