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Re: Using a replacement linker with pkgsrc

On 06/26, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> * On 2020-06-26 at 17:27 BST, Brook Milligan wrote:
> > To aid “not thinking in advance”, would it be feasible to define a
> > better set of hooks for selecting a specific compile and also
> > provide some, perhaps platform/version-specific, defaults?  It would
> > be really helpful to be able to say, I want to use compiler X
> > throughout, and have pkgsrc do the right thing.
> This is definitely a goal, but I think it will in practise be very
> tricky to get right, which is why until now I've always simply pointed
> people to our working implementation so that they can copy and
> customise as required, as e.g. Jason Bacon has done on CentOS.
> Doing the same thing for clang would be very similar, it just needs to
> have an equivalent to USE_PKGSRC_GCC_RUNTIME.

Thank you for working implementations!  Still, it is not very convenient
to hunt those down and figure out what needs to be copied or modified.
I wish those lists of dependencies and anything else to make it work
could exist in pkgsrc (presumably under mk).  I'm not saying it should
be enabled by default since I understand there are two schools of
thought, but it would sure be nice to just be able to set some variable
and get that behavior without having to try to copy an implementation
from somewhere on the Internet.  It would be much more accessible if it
were in pkgsrc.  And I think it would be easier to change or extend by
others as well.


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