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Re: Using a replacement linker with pkgsrc

There are two separate issues here:

  1) which compiler ought to be used, and how do we choose it.

  2) should a compiler install its own runtime by default

Question 1 is not on the table for the branch :-)   We have had many
discussions over the years, and the very rough, just barely consensus is

  - A single compiler should be configured

  - GCC_REQ should cause a failure if the configured compiler isn't adequate

  - GCC_REQ should not be set for language flavor requirements

  - somehow, this compiler to be used should be bootstrapped, probably
    in a different prefix.  and it should be automatic

But there is no patch.

For question 2, my guess is that more people think the libs should be
built by default than not.  But I'm not sure it's a good idea to change
it during freeze, and very few seem to be having trouble and expresssing


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