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Re: wchar.h vs. gettext-lib on AIX

On 6/5/20 7:09 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
Louis Guillaume <> writes:

So I added "USE_BUILTIN.gettext=yes" to mk.conf. Now it skips the
gettext-lib package, but now gets stuck the same way (in
gettext-runtime) for gettext-tools. What can be done?

1) See /mk/buildlink3/ and read about USE_BUILTIN and
PREFER.  Basically users should not set USE_BUILTIN and the PREFER
scheme is for what you are trying to do.

So probably


or you can use PREFER_PKGSRC.

2) Maybe actually fix the header in your system?

3) Is there a mailinglist for AIX people, to see how others are coping with
using a system where headers don't follow the rules expected by more
modern compilers?  (I don't mean to object to you posting here, but
rather am suggesting you might find help asking there.)

Thanks Greg,

I've found a decent AIX list, but haven't made much progress yet. For my purposes, using the system-supplied gettext would have been fine, but pkgsrc doesn't seem to want me to do that! gettext-tools always wants to build no matter what PREFER options I choose, and it won't use the builtin gettext-lib. It actually explicitly says so in the Makefile:

  USE_BUILTIN.gettext= no # force use of pkgsrc gettext-lib

Anyway - I'm going to try and bootstrap with xlc instead of gcc as it seems to be much less troublesome.


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