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U-boot and swig

Forgive me, I'm not well-versed in swig (or python, really, because I'm a luddite, heh.)

I'm working on a u-boot package that requires a newer swig than swig1.  Swig3 installs the binary as "swig3.0".  The problem is, I can't seem to be able to get the u-boot build to invoke it... it seems like "swig" is being invoked by some python code itself, perhaps deep in the bowels of some library that's installed with python37.

I've confirmed the right thing happens if I symlink "swig3.0" to "swig".  I've made the pkgsrc .mk file changes needed to select python3 vs python2 and swig1 vs swig3, and am just stuck on this swig invocation issue.

Guidance would be appreciated!

-- thorpej

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