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Re: Clarity on rust failures (NetBSD)

>>> If the bootstrap is still broken on armv7 [...]
>> It has lagged behind; the latest bootstrap kit I've cross-built
>> was 1.35.0.  I never succeeded in building rust natively on my
>> emulated armv7hf system; it just reqires too much virtual memory
>> in, I beleive, the linking stage.
> Do you think there is a bug in the linking stage?  I have been able to
> build rust on an i386 machine with 3G of RAM.   How much memory did your
> emulated system have?

The issue isn't so much the physical memory of the system, it is
the virtual address limitations imposed by the port.  If my
recollection is right, I beleive it bombed out at somewhere
around 1.7GB virtual size.  (The emulated system is a 4-cpu 2GB

> Is there any hope in the medium term (in time for 2020Q3)?  Any
> sort of crossbuild strategy?

Obviously, the bootstrap kit is cross-built.  I'll have to look
into whether the result of the "dist" build can be used as a
"binary rust" by itself, so that you don't need to actually be
able to build rust to use rust on armv7hf.

Anyway, I just started another bootstrap kit build for armv7hf
with 1.44.0, we'll see how far that goes.


- Håvard

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