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Re: Clarity on rust failures (NetBSD)

Havard Eidnes <> writes:

>> If the bootstrap is still broken on armv7 [...]
> It has lagged behind; the latest bootstrap kit I've cross-built
> was 1.35.0.  I never succeeded in building rust natively on my
> emulated armv7hf system; it just reqires too much virtual memory
> in, I beleive, the linking stage.  So, yes, as far I am concerned
> even though the bootstrap may work, you can't build rust with it.
> I did at the time hear some rumours that others had managed to
> build rust on armv7hf, but I didn't manage to replicate the
> trick.  Was it Nick who had a contact who made that claim?
> Anyway, it seems highly unlikely this will be fixed in the short
> term.

Do you think there is a bug in the linking stage?  I have been able to
build rust on an i386 machine with 3G of RAM.   How much memory did your
emulated system have?

Is there any hope in the medium term (in time for 2020Q3)?  Any sort of
crossbuild strategy?

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