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Re: the nature of pkgsrc support for OS versions (release vs stable)

Manuel Bouyer <> writes:

>> So, the big question is:
>>   Does pkgsrc need to support *building* on 8.0_RELEASE, even when that
>>   version has bugs that are fixed in 8.X_STABLE, and it's not reasonable
>>   to work around this?
>> I would say no, that while pkgsrc should ideally be buildable on
>> RELEASE, if the problem is a bug in RELEASE, then it's entirely
>> reasonable to expect people *building packages* to update to a STABLE
>> with the fix.
> I'd say: workaround the issue in pkgsrc as far as possible, and if really
> it can't then get the fix in _STABLE and document it.
> But, as far as possible we should also be able to build on _RELEASE.

Agreed, modulo what poosible means.

> For rust, it looks like forcing MAKE_JOBS=1 is a working workaround.

1) But we do have a situation where

  check out pkgsrc
  install 9.0_STABLE
  set MAKE_JOBS appropriately for number of cpus
  kick off pbulk

works?  We need to have no special configuration for bulk builds, or for
anybody else.  I realize you can work around it on pkgbuild, but this
should work for everyone.

2) This MAKE_JOBS=1 forcing is not understandable since it is already
MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no on NetBSD.  Please file a PR about this.  I would like
to have a clear understanding on whether this MAKE_JOBS=1 is needed for
9.0_RELEASE or also 9.0_STABLE.   (I wonder if the MAKE_JOBS_SAFE needs
to be someplace else in the Makefile.)

I just added a \todo in rust asking for a PR and link to it about why
MAKE_JOBS_SAFE is set to no.

> BTW I requested that the chroots for netbsd-9 on pkgbuild be updated to
> _STABLE when the currently running build complete.

Thanks - sounds like progress.  This probably should be done for 8 too.

If we can

1) move pkgbuild to STABLE (and document this as how it should be)
2) Condition the MAKE_JOBS_SAFE workaround on RELEASE vs adequately new stable
3) push your MAKE_JOBS=1 fix into pkgsrc

then we can perhaps have the best situation possible.

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