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Re: Providing an easy additional way of avoiding uploading non-redistributable packages

I disagree with both. Seriously, it is enabled by default. How much easier do you want something to be discoverable? It is also not the only tool we have around for the job, so this is just an excuse. Uploading from a different machine doesn't make sense either, since the script can *still* be used to just do the filtering and prep work. Been there, done that when uploading weekly results when visiting university.

There seem to be lots of things that pbulk does that we don't necessarily want to do all at once. If you're opposed to making things easier for people who don't use pbulk, then have you considered making pbulk more modular, so people can use functionalities of pbulk without needing a full chroot?

I'd love to be able to:

* list packages which have NO_BIN_ON_FTP, to make an exclude list (for rsync)

* list packages and dependencies which are out of date (given a pkgsrc tree and a binary repository)

* make pkg_summary.gz (& .bz2) and SHA512.bz2

outside of a full pbulk environment.


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