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pkgin failed texlive upgrade


I'm not sure if it's a pkgsrc bug or a pkgin feature request, but I
tried upgrading my pkgsrc packages (from a couple weeks ago, not more
than 3) from locally built binary packages from yesterday, and using
'pkgin fug' to upgrade.

This failed and still fails with lines like:

---May 17 08:41:26: upgrading tex-texlive-scripts-2020...
pkg_add: Conflicting PLIST with tex-tetex-3.0.50602nb1: bin/fmtutil
pkg_add: 1 package addition failed

The reason is this:

doc/CHANGES-2020:     Removed print/tex-tetex successor print/tex-texlive-scripts [markd 2020-05-10]

I wonder if we need to provide this successor information to pkgin.
I think we already have a couple of variables for that, like


but I'm not clear which one should/must be set for this to work, or if
pkgin itself will need more help too.

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