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Heads-up: SUBST blocks are stricter now

On 16.05.2020 21:02, Roland Illig wrote:
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	rillig
Date:		Sat May 16 19:02:32 UTC 2020

Log Message:
mk/ change default value for SUBST_NOOP_OK from yes to no

This makes the SUBST blocks stricter than before, to detect outdated or
unnecessary definitions.

Filename patterns that are not affected by any of the SUBST_SED
expressions make the build fail.  It is still ok if only some of the
files from a pattern are affected and some aren't.

The latest bulk build shows that most of the build failures are fixed.
The packages that fail in that build are mostly due to other failures,
like missing C headers, wrong PLIST files, unresolved references at link
time.  There may be a few packages that still fail because of this, but
these are near the leaves of the dependency tree.

If you notice any package that fails with a [] error message,
please tell me, and if you cannot fix it yourself, I'll do that.

For further details, see the documentation in mk/

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