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Re: Please help to fix outdated SUBST blocks

On 04.05.2020 20:54, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
On Mon, May 04, 2020 at 08:41:59PM +0200, Roland Illig wrote:
On 04.05.2020 13:26, Patrick Welche wrote:
I see adwaita-icon-theme in Jonathan's list. I can argue the case both
ways - thoughts?

$ cat
Name: gnome-icon-theme
Description: A collection of icons used as the basis for GNOME themes
Version: @VERSION@

so it contains no variables that need to be overridden => get rid

In the unlikely event that a variable is added, I wouldn't see the
event ".pc file added" which would trigger "must check overrides",
I would just install an unsanitized .pc file => just leave it.

I changed SUBST_NOOP_OK._pkgconfig to yes since this affects 9 of the
top 10 from the latest bulk build.  Because fixing the pkg-config files
is such a basic operation that is done so often, we will notice any bugs
in that general pattern quickly.

I'm really, really annoyed by this attitude. We still have month old
packages failing due to inflating the already huge
number of broken packages due to the OpenSSL fiasco. Can we please stop
adding more unncessary breakage and get the numbers down into a sensible
range for at least one mainstream platform? The current signal-to-noise
ratio hides too many problems already.

While these "top 10" numbers may look large, they come from an
experimental bulk build that affects nobody but those who change
SUBST_NOOP_OK to its non-default value.  The whole purpose of that bulk
build is to find and fix the affected packages before they fail for a
standard pkgsrc build.

There is no additional breakage.  It's just the opposite.  Several
packages that built fine before but had silent bugs are now fixed.

I agree that having the stricter shell portability check generates more
packages that fail to build.  The point is that before, they succeeded
to build but under wrong assumptions.  I prefer to have binary packages
without these easy-to-detect bugs.


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