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Re: Please help to fix outdated SUBST blocks

On Mon, May 04, 2020 at 07:19:22AM +0200, Roland Illig wrote:
> During the last 15 years, mk/ has been very forgiving. It just
> skipped nonexistent files and files that didn't contain the expected
> text. It produced some warnings, but these were easy enough to ignore.
> This led to lots of outdated SUBST blocks. During the last month I
> already found and fixed many of them (my bulk build with very strict
> settings is at 15184/23223 packages). Fixing all the packages is
> time-consuming for a single person.
> If you'd like to help, just set SUBST_NOOP_OK=no in your mk.conf and
> build packages as usual. And if a package fails to build, try to fix it
> before I do. :)
> To fix an issue, I typically take the relevant part of the configure.log
> from the bulk build, paste that into a text editor, add to that the
> SUBST block from the package Makefile and then inspect the files in
> WRKSRC. That works pretty well.
> I had hoped that I could simply switch to this strict mode after
> branching 2020Q1, but that would have produced too much redundant work
> on everyone. Having a few volunteers do this first seems like a better idea.
> To see the progress, Jonathan has set up a bulk build named
> "upstream-bulktest" whose results will appear on the pkgsrc-bulk mailing
> list in a few days.

I see adwaita-icon-theme in Jonathan's list. I can argue the case both
ways - thoughts?

$ cat
Name: gnome-icon-theme
Description: A collection of icons used as the basis for GNOME themes
Version: @VERSION@

so it contains no variables that need to be overridden => get rid

In the unlikely event that a variable is added, I wouldn't see the
event ".pc file added" which would trigger "must check overrides",
I would just install an unsanitized .pc file => just leave it.



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