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Re: Please help to fix outdated SUBST blocks

On 04.05.2020 09:55, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
* On 2020-05-04 at 06:32 BST, Roland Illig wrote:

To see the progress, Jonathan has set up a bulk build named
"upstream-bulktest" whose results will appear on the pkgsrc-bulk
mailing list in a few days.

It finished a week ago:

Oops, I must have overlooked that.  Anyway, 3 hours for almost 6000
packages is very impressive.  Do you run the bulk build massively in

I'll start a new one to pick up progress once I see the top hitters
have been fixed.

Oops, the patch for setting SUBST_NOOP_OK._pkgconfig=yes had been lying
around locally.  I have fixed the top hitters, except for cdrtools, but
that has only 17 dependent packages.

Please start the bulk build again.  This time I expect it to take much
longer since lang/gcc* built successfully for me, which each take more
than an hour.


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