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Re: Proposed fix for long-standing +CONTENTS bug

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

>  * Adding a new pkg_add flag "-i" to ignore dependency errors, the
>    "fulfilled" warning message will still be printed, but the exit
>    status will be 0 and no "package addition failed" message will be
>    printed, so pkgin will consider the command a success even if the
>    package was not upgraded.
>  * Switch pkgin to use "pkg_add -iU" instead of "pkg_add -DU"

I don't follow the need for pkgin to do something different than make
replace.  I think it's ok to suppress failing exit status on -D and
thought there was no issue.

Is there a problem other then leaving stale +REQUIRED_BY entries?

As a thought experiment, rather than a proposal, would issuing
"pkg_admin rebuild-tree" after every "pkg_add -DU" avoid problems?

> pkgin will always complete a full refresh and upgrade of packages, so
> this should in theory work out (if vim-share comes before vim-gtk2 in
> the list of packages to upgrade, then it will be ignored, before
> vim-gtk2 later ensures it is upgraded correctly).

similarly for make replace/pkg_rr.

> I don't like the thought of munging the pkgdb, so this way is cleaner
> for me, but I realise it's somewhat specific to the pkgin use-case.

I don't follow "munging".  This seems to be all about ensuring that
lines in +REQUIRED_BY are installed packges.   Or is this sort of in
that file, and sort of in a db, and one is ok and one isnt'?

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