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Re: mail/mutt and BDB_ACCEPTED

Roland Illig <> writes:

> Some people use pkgsrc with NetBSD's /usr/bin/make and I'd like to
> continue supporting that. I don't know how backwards-compatible pkgsrc
> intends to be in this regard. Is /usr/bin/make from NetBSD 1.6 still
> supported? I don't think this is written down anywhere.

As for "supported", NetBSD 7 is perhaps supported and perhaps not
(pkgsrc hasn't done anything official, following releng's announcement
that 7 will continue to get security patches for a while.

Versions older than 7 are considered unsupported entirely, but we have a
notion that we avoid gratuitously breaking older vesions when
reasonable.  1.6 is so ancient, that it almost doesn't seem like a
reasonable question (but of course it is).

A few years ago, I had to build bmake on NetBSD 5 to get pkgsrc to work.

I put in a bootstrap/README.NetBSD that explains this.

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