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Re: Good way to recycle previous quarter's binary packages?

On Thu 26 Mar 2020 at 08:20:04 +0000, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> pbulk always rebuilds any packages that have been touched, regardless
> of whether the version has changed, as well as all of their
> dependents.
> It's highly unlikely therefore that any packages can be reused from a
> previous branch in a bulk build, except perhaps cwrappers and a few
> bootstrap packages.

I have set up a pkg_comp chroot, and inside I run pkg_chk -rvk to remove
"mismatched" (outdated) packages, and then pkg_chk -vak to rebuild
everything that was removed.

In between I have a home grown script that moves aside the binary
packages that were de-installed, to make sure that they get rebuilt even
if the version is not increased. It basically corresponds to the
unsafe_depends flag from pkg_rr.

It also generally deals well with renamed packages and such

I find that this method generally leaves a lot of packages installed,
but also those are typically not the ones that take longest to build.
From about 1250 packages in my directory, about 300 are still from early
October, when I rebuilt everything because (I think) I updated the
chroot to 8.1. or changed gcc version or similar. 

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