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Re: EXTRACT_USING improvements: a concrete proposal

Joerg Sonnenberger <> writes:

> No, I meant: if either pick GNU tar or BSD tar as default, whichever the
> platform is known to have. If it is not known to have one of the two,
> explicitly use the latter.


  for every platform/, it would be nice if someone set
  EXTRACT_USING to one of

    "gtar" (because the platform is guaranteed to have adequately recent
    GNU tar, and tools/ points to it), or

    "bsdtar" (if the above is not true)

After the Q1 branch and after that's done for every platform
(mechanically for stragglers to bsdtar), we can

   Remove all EXTRACT_USING statements from packages (barring very
   strange things we don't yet understand)

   garbage-collect "nbtar" as an EXTRACT_USING value that doesn't make sense

   drop "pax" as an EXTRACT_USING value (because pax doesn't work well

I'll declare that as having consensus and therefore the plan of record
(but feel free to object and explain why not at any time).

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